We are proud to announce an easy solution to your production recycling needs! Here at Fini!, we are familiar with the post production pileup of goods and merchandise that can be donated, as well as the lack of time available to make those donations. We want to make it easy for hardworking production folks to donate non-perishable goods and get them to the organizations that need them most. Whether your production is a commercial advertising shoot, still, motion, or film, we want to make more donations and less waste the new norm. Fini! is a small not-for-profit organization made up of industry professionals who want to encourage ethical productions and give everyone the tools to do so.

We look forward to helping you help our community!

  • "Just donate it!" This is what production usually hears at the end of a shoot. Without an organized solution for donating, things don’t always get to a place where they could help someone. Some how the need and the ability to offer a service made sense...and I set out to start an organization to connect the dots. Together with my awesome community of like-minded individuals, Fini! has begun.

    Monica Zaffarano, producer and FINI! founder
  • I've always hated wastefulness and I'm very excited that FINI! will help turn our "waste" into something positive and useful to others, without being a burden on a production.

    Mele Ortiz, stylist
  • Having been an art buyer, producer and studio manager over the last 10 years, I have seen first hand, the "leftovers" from a production and how they, heartbreakingly, have usually gone to the dumpsters as an easier solution for disposing. I am so happy to see that FINI! is a new solution to saving and recycling these leftovers. Chicago production personnel should be thrilled with this new service and I hope everyone will step up to support the services that FINI! is offering.

    Kimber Leigh Nussbaum, freelance art buyer + producer

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